Mobile Learning

14 04 2009
Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

Learning has come a long way. R ight from Desk/ Classroom Learning, Long Distance learning to E-Learning.

And now Mobile Learning! Its one of the most impressive innovations in Mobile Technology.

Apple offers everything you need to implement mobile learning, so it’s easy to dive right in. You’ll have the tools to create digital content, the tools to get that content to students, and the tools to let them play it back anytime, anywhere. You can even introduce students to educational mobile applications for iPod touch and iPhone, so they can access reference information, write blog posts, develop physics models, or simulate flying over the earth. And they can do those things wherever they go.

In one of my articles “Mobile technology for community development” I noted that mobile technology has always been known to be “boring” but little by little its emerging to be very interesting with the latest innovations.

From my perspective I think one day it will take over the web for good!

Mobile learning however requires a more sophisticated mobile phone an “iphone” for example so that turns out to be a limitation for those who cant afford it. And it still requires internet.

However I must acknowledge all the efforts by Apple to have Mobile learning in place.

See details here: Apple Mobile Learning




One response

31 01 2013
Scott Steinfeldt

thanks for the article… ever think of pairing this with a solar panel?

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