Making Software a NON profit space: How can we make it work?

14 05 2009

After windows vista’s failure to impress the windows users around the world, Microsoft has now released windows 7. It is the latest of windows operating systems; more secure and with a more user friendly interface as compared to Microsoft Windows Vista.

Microsoft cannot afford two windows versions failing.

But a test by PC world shows that Windows 7 is slower while starting as compared to windows vista.

The biggest competitor of Microsoft today is open source. Open source developers are tirelessly developing more and more applications to work with the open source operating systems.

Africa is the last frontier not only in developing technologies but also in developing new business ideas. With only a few developers, the uptake of ICTs in Africa today is quite impressive. Most of the business processes are becoming automated. And other systems of operation are becoming digitized.

Computers are becoming cheaper. For example the government of Uganda has scrapped all taxed imposed on computers coming into the country to reduce on the market price of computers and computer accessories.

The software prices on the other hand remain high and unaffordable. With the introduction of Soft Ware as a Service, the software vendors are becoming stricter on software licensing.

Many of the computer users in Uganda today cannot afford a licensed windows operating system which goes for USD145 on market. More users are demanding for Windows Xp operating system or even windows vista as it is today. Software piracy remains the only option. Many windows users today are using pirated copies of the operating system and Microsoft word. Of course for antivirus software open source is helping a lot. At least the users have access to free personal antivirus solutions while others keep switching from one trial version to another.

Free and Open Source Software promoters in the country are still registering little success. The explanation of this variation is the fact that open source software interfaces are either not user friendly or “very advance” for the “ordinary users”.

But those who have started using open source software like Linux, Ubuntu and Linux Susi are finding it very interesting, secure and appealing.  However it has limitations in terms of application compatibility which is so far the biggest limitation for the Linux users today.

Things are changing so fast in the technical world. In the previous years people never had any issues about not having the source code available. Today, a source code helps advanced users to get familiar with the application and to get empowered, improve it to suite their need. However for users who are not stack in to it don’t need to worry whether the source code is available or not.

Technology is now tending towards a nonprofit space/state.




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