ICT for Education in Uganda?

12 06 2009

As information and telecommunication technologies continue to find their way into the country, the education system of Uganda stands a chance to improve further. I must acknowledge the fact that we are living in the world where technology is changing faster than ever, competition for jobs is very stiff and unemployment is immense. This means that we need our education system needs to equip us with all the relevant knowledge – technical, practical and the theories that we need to get decent jobs.

Many schools in Uganda today are still in poor conditions with hardly enough desks, information material (laboratories and libraries) and limited room for the pupils.

Question remains, “Can ICTs for Education work for Uganda?”

Honestly the future of online learning/ or ICTs in Uganda’s schools is still uncertain.

In a country where power lines break and remain unfixed for a period of a week or so, many rural areas have no power, an issue of immense poverty, unemployment etc.

The government of Uganda is making efforts to provide education material to government schools through donating text books from which schools have benefited. Many schools however do not have libraries where pupils/students can access information for research and take private studies purposes.

However with the credit crunch, we need to choose wisely and make sure that only the most essential ICTs are put in place to enhance learning at lower levels of education. There are a variety of cheap technologies designed specifically for schools. Examples include: NComputing where one PC shares resources amongst different workstations not to mention Open Source software.

“Lets embrace the right to information and the right to education by introducing ICTs in classrooms in Uganda.”




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