Introducing Nika a new Content Management System.

8 09 2009

We have seen many open source content management systems like Joomla, Mambo and Drupal. Well, I will say Nika is one of those.

Yesterday I took the pleasure to attend the demonstration and training workshop on Nika. The application has been developed by a team of Developers in South Africa with support from knight Foundation a US organisation.

Simon demonstrates Nika to the delegates

Simon demonstrates Nika to the delegates

Simon one of the volunteers of the project say he got involved a month ago to help and document the user manuals. “This is not a beta version but the application is solid though there are still more things to do” says Simon.

From my personal experience the most powerful component in Nika is the ability for it to send and receive text messages. No I am not saying that the earlier content management systems cant do this. I must there fore appreciate the fact that Nika comes in one suite and once installed you get the full functionality.

“This is a great day for community newspapers in Africa, the launch of a fully fledged open source CMS, available to any independent paper in Africa and else where that wants something robust for work flow and content management.”

Nika CMS at a glance!

Nika CMS at a glance!

Nika is yet to be made available for the general public to use. Please  Read More about Nika here:

If you have any ideas please feel free to email me and share.




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