the tech “unrest”

31 01 2010

The information age possess a big challenge today; technology is more or less becoming the driving force of our economies.

When I say “technology”, I literally mean the web technologies, mobile technologies, and different gadgets/ hardware platforms.

Today I am subscribing to over 10 social networking websites. Now its in my habit to log in for updates and news. While the information I get is important, I must say that “technology is killing me”.

Back in the days, all I could do with the internet was read my mail and read just about a few things on the web. Things used to be so simple. With the introduction of social media, web 2.0 (and now web 3.0) the web is becoming rich and richer, more demanding and most importantly, more informative.

Now here I am signing in and out of twitter, facebook, ning, skype, yahoo, gmail, wordpress extra. I am not saying that I don’t appreciate the innovations on the web or social media, I do.

Looking at hardware, you walk into a store looking for the best gadget on market and just before you walk out a new product/ gadget is being introduced on the market!

Of course you will never be up to date at all times in this “tech-revolution”.

On the positive side of things however, I must acknowledge the fact that as more and more technologies come up, the quality of products on the market gets better and better, the technology becomes cheaper as it gets replaced so fast. For example Pentium 4 computers are now fairly cheap in Uganda today because of the recently introduced Quads and Core 2 Duo processors.

Countries are moving from the industrial economies to information economies and I believe that technology has a great role to play.