Visa Denial – Email from U.S. Embassy Kampala

21 09 2010

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 4:07 PM, Kampala, Visa <> wrote:


Dear Mr. Ssozi,

Thank you for your email.  You are welcome to reapply at any time but it is the opinion of this office that a person’s circumstances are unlikely to change significantly in less than six months.  Please feel free to complete a new application and schedule another appointment online.

> Sincerely,

> Consular Section

U.S. Embassy Kampala

This email is UNCLASSIFIED.




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21 09 2010
Open Letter to the U.S. Embassy Kampala « The African Timer

[…] On September 8th, I wrote this email to the Consular U.S. Embassy Kampala to complain and this is the feedback I got from the Consular Section on September 20th (12days later). […]

22 09 2010
Laurie Knight

I am writing this email in regards to Mr. Javie Ssozi Visa to the U.S….it is very disappointing to read the troubles and the complications that this gentleman is having regarding his Visa to the United States. Let it be know that if it was someone else, it would ok for them to come to the United States and yet Mr. Ssozi who is a very productive citizen of Uganda trying to further not only his career and people and the type of human being that has some heart and concern regarding people in general around the world. I do not understand why the total disprect which he has received on the Visa pass to the U.S…I do hope that your department will handle certain cases and people with some integrity and some open hearts…I am very disappointed as a U.S. Citizen…
Sometimes, it takes only hope in this world to live and your office obviously let this young man completely down…I do hope that people with actions such as this can actually lay down and get some sleep…

17 03 2011

Hi, I’m shrmake agof family and I’m winner diversity visa. I’m somali and I fled from somalia, now I stay in uganda/ kampala. The payment cash is $880 usd and the order from Us department was to sent money to US empassy in Uk using western union. May I bring my letters the us empassy in kampala so as to see the result together please also I would like to bring the money to US empassy in kampala so as to get my ducuments at there. Thanks I’m waiting your answer becouse it’s important for me and America is my dream and my future.

12 04 2016

Terrible me and my mother got the same denial letter – its looks like photocopy. issued for denial without even the consular officer looking the documentation to show ties back home.

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