Silence is NOT CONSENT: Listen to that Silence!

2 05 2011

I am very disappointed in Pamela Ankunda (of the Uganda Media Centre) after reading her article in the New Vision today (Page 15). In her article “Ugandans are not interested in insecurity” Pamela is clearly blaming Dr. Kizza Besigye’s “Walk to Work” campaign as the sole cause of insecurity in Uganda today. For your information Pamela, what is causing all this insecurity (as witnessed in the past 3 weeks and years) is poor governance! Our government has totally failed to show its competence not only in ensuring stable commodity prices but also in its reaction to the increasing fuel, food and commodity prices. The next time you want to write an article with biased feelings attached (as clearly shown in your article today) please do it on your personal blog or take time to think. Its really embarrassing!

I would be surprised if any Ugandan came out to support the violence the world witnessed not just last week during Dr. Besigye’s brutal arrest or even on what is now known as “Black Friday” (29th March). The military and anti-riot police using live bullets and all sorts of aggressive tactic to disperse the angry protesters: that alone triggers insecurity. This is not new to Ugandans as we have seen a lot of this in the past 3 weeks. Such misuse of power is aimed at intimidating people and denying them of their constitutional right – to demonstrate and hold the government accountable.

Watching these devastating scenes in pictures and videos on that day left me puzzled and wondering whether the security bodies in Uganda had completely gone out of their minds. Many Ugandans (and the whole world at large) are now more concerned and doubting Uganda government’s capability to protect the people.

Even though most of the Ugandans will/have not come out openly to demonstrate or demand the government to reduce the prices of fuel and other commodity prices, they remain worried and concerned. Fuel, food and commodity prices continue to skyrocket while the incomes of Ugandans are remaining stable. At the moment, even the middle income earners can barely afford the minimum living standards!

Knowing that majority of the citizen live on less than USD 1 a day, how does the government expect people to survive the current crisis? Of course many people will continue to join the protests because the Uganda government has failed to come out with a convincing statement defining a possible plan to cut/ regulate fuel and commodity prices.

Silence is NOT consent – the government of Uganda should STOP taking Ugandans for granted in times when they need a serious intervention. Listen to the silence of the people and give them a voice. Do NOT add more masking-take to their lips! Thats all Dr. Besigye is going.