How to make Chapati – a Ugandan delicacy

25 12 2014

Chapati is a delicacy in Uganda. They look almost identical to “tortilla”. In fact, you can use chapati to make wraps! Its something you can have for breakfast, lunch or dinner – depending on how it is prepared and served. Chapati is also 100% vegan!

Instagram media by jssozi - I made very good #chapati today... The little things.. :-) #Rolex

Chapatis can be categorized as fast food, snacks etc. You can buy then off the streets from the capital, Kampala to the border in Malaba.. Commonly served as “rolex” (when rolled with an omelet) or “kikomando” (when served with beans).

The recipe I am sharing is one I have used to make some of the most delicious chapati I have ever had.

-All purpose flour,
-Cold water,
-Cooking oil

The music is the background is timely because Christmas is here.. Celebrating Uganda’s finest musicians of all time – Philly Lutaaya.