Introducing “kasana”: the solar-based mobile phone to rural Uganda!

19 09 2009

Uganda Telecom Limited; one of the leading telecommunication and internet service providers in Uganda has

"kasana": The Solar powered phone on market in Uganda

"kasana": The Solar powered phone on market in Uganda. Uganda Telecom is the distributor.

introduced the new Solar-powered mobile phone. This Coral-200-Solar cell phone is manufactured by ZTE.

Uganda Telecom has officially nicknamed it “Kasana” (luganda word meaning sun) as it’s promotional/ brand name. The integrated solar charger charges the internal battery thus enabling this phone to power up with the use of solar energy.

This phone is anticipated to reduce on the digital divide gap in Uganda. The issue of limited/ lack of electricity lines and power irregularities in many rural areas of Uganda is one of the major reasons as to why many people can’t afford mobile phones today. Electricity bills remain very high for people to afford.

There is still need for many more such technologies (affordable and cheap to maintain) in Uganda to connect the remote communities and rural poor.

This phone not only lowers electricity consumption in poverty stricken countries like Uganda but also environment friendly.

Thank you Uganda Telecom for your continued efforts to connect my Uganda to the world!